Yeah man!
The new album is out in Sweden sept. 25, 2013.
It's such a blast to finally be able to invite you all to this super duper mixed feast of music with sting & sweetness, exotic & familiar for each & everyone with taste and open minds. It's filled to the brim with great musical goodness provided by my extraordinary bandmates in The Fur Heads: Jonas Kernell on keyboards & vocals, Nikke Ström on bass, Johan Håkansson on drums & vocals and head honcho Mattias Areskog on vocals, various instruments, songwriting, mixing, production and majestic patience & spirit. And as if that wouldn't be good enough we invited some of Sweden's finest to add some extra dimensions & spice. What about the masters of mystery horns, Jonas Kullhammar & Goran Kajfes. Then there's the grand lady of swedish girl power Kajsa Grytt harmonizing on Love is on which you also hear the multitalented Johan Lindström blazing out some mesmerizing, almost Hawaiian notes on his lap steel. This is an album for music lovers made by music lovers, Gurimolla! to that.



Me & The Fur Heads @ Silence

Hey y'all!

So we been far out in the woods recording a new album. All I can say is that I am super amazed and amused of the grooves, sounds & songs we laid down in just three days & nights. This album's gonna be something else folks. Wish you all a great sunny happy summer & stay tuned for more details...



Some shots from the night at the fabulous Kafé de luxe, great place to start a tour.